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Getting the right services are essential. At ZED Plumbing Co., we promise to offer services in the most optimum manner. We are a result-oriented firm.

Drain Cleaning

Do you know that hair, grease and residue can create trouble in your drainage? Yes, they are highly susceptible to creating problems in the drain pipe. Our technicians know how to eliminate this problem. We use techniques that are easy, quick and long-lasting. You will be amazed by our services.  

Repairing and Servicing Air Conditioners

Our technicians know how to control the temperature and how to make it work properly. At first, we figure out at the core issues and then start working to offer you fine results. If you hear unwanted sounds inside the air conditioner, don’t worry. ZED Plumbing Co. will solve all types of issues in no time.

Repairing Sewer Line

Sewer line issues will not be a problem for you when you have us. We have the most efficient method to replace, repair and inspect your broken sewer problem. We use such techniques that are long-lasting and repairable. Our qualified technicians do their best to provide you amazing services in sewer line repair. We use advanced technologies that provide you outstanding results in very less time.

Giving you the best services is what we aim for. We try our best to serve you with highest quality services. There are several companies who may offer you same services that of ours, but it is tough to get our level of quality and knowledge.